Here are some simple tips for understanding Twitter and making it work for You. 

Date: 17/02/2013

I have decided to this article on twitter and explain how it works. Notice how twitter has become very popular with TV Shows such as X Factor,Big Brother etc. People are Tweeting comments and giving feedback during the show. Trending topics capture moments that consumers care about most.

Promoted Trends help marketers position themselves at the top of twitter trends for 24 Hours at a time and this exposure to twitter trends turns twitter users into brand advocates. This makes tweeters more likely to speak about a brand and to retweet its messages.

This is the general idea behind maximising brand exposure. For those of you who have never been on twitter before I am now going to explain a few simple terms to get you started.

1. '@'. This is your username. I am '@frankbourke09'. You can Tweet somebody by inserting the '@' and then their username after it followed then by your tweet.

2. '#'. This is used to create a new topic for tweeting or to chat about a particular topic. e.g. #AustralianOpen. If you type this into the search on top you can see all of the activity surrounding the tennis in the Australian Open. These should be used regularly.

'Retweeting' means you are tweeting to your followers on something that was already tweeted. Find people to follow using either twitter search for name or even better

When filling out Your profile make it interesting using keywords. Upload a picture of Yourself and add a website Link if you have one. Find People to follow and in turn they will start following you. Grow the number of people to follow who are of interest to you. In turn You will get more followers.

As you become more experienced using twitter you can create new lists, and add people to them from a particular categories.

You can also subscribe to other lists.

Here is a helpful tutorial about twitter on youtube by Andrea Vahl . You might find it useful.

Best of luck working with twitter. If you have any questions email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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